Rescue Roll Pack

Rescue Roll Pack
Rescue Roll Pack Rescue Roll Pack
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The bag is made with a Durable Polyester 1200D material and designed with a 2 sided buckle hook and loop attachment to keep the content secured once rolled over.


The internal has 8 easily identifiable transparent pouches and compartments for easy access to contents.


3 verclo strap on bottom side to stick your car carpet


Size: 40(L) x 350(W) x 730(H) mm
Weight: 1.6 kg (with Content)
Bag Color: Black


Content Listing :
1. Rescue Roll Bag 1 pc
2. CPR Face Shield w/one valve 1 pc
Bandages & Dressing
3. Sterile Comfirming Blood Stopper Bandage 13cm x 22cm 2 pc
4. Triangular Bandage 90cm x 90cm x 136cm 1 pc
5. Elastic Bandage 6cm x 5m 1 roll
6. Sterile Confirming First Aid Dressing 10cm x 12cm 1 pc
7. Sterile Gamgee Pad 25cm x 25cm 1 pc
8. Sterile Gauze Pad 7.5cm x 7.5cm 5’s/pkt 2 pcs
9. W.O.W. Bandage 5cm x 5m 1 roll
10. W.O.W. Bandage 7.5cm x 5m 1 roll
11. W.O.W. Bandage 10cm x 5m 1 roll
12. Sterile Eye Pad 6cm x 8cm 4 pcs
13. Sterile Non Adherent Dressing Pad 10cm x 10cm 2 pc
14. ProMed Sterile Assorted Plaster Strip box of 20's 1 set
8 x First Aid Bandage 19mm x 72mm
4 x First Aid Bandage 25mm x 72mm
4 x First Aid Bandage 38mm x 38mm ( Square )
2 x First Aid Bandage 45mm x 55mm ( Butterfly Shape )
2 x First Aid Bandage 38mm x 76mm ( H Shape )
15. Adhesive Tape w/dispencer 1.25cm x 5m 1 pc
16. Normal Saline Wipe 30mm x 65mm 10 pcs
17. Alochol Prep Pad 30mm x 65mm 10 pcs
Burn Treatment
18. BurnShield Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm 1 pcs
Equipment & Supplies
19. Telescopics Splint
5cm x 18.5cm (Extendable) 3 pcs
5cm x 26cm (Extentable) 2 pcs
20. Instant Cold Pack 13cm x 15.5cm 2 pcs
21. Biohazard Ziplock Bag 20cm x 30cm 2 pcs
22. Emergency Foil Blanket 132cm x 210cm 1 pcs
23. Disposable Vinyl Gloves 2's 2 pcs
24. Sterile Normal Saline 120ml 1 pcs
25. Plastic Twezzers 12.5cm 1 pcs
26. Medical Pen Torch Light w/battery 1 pcs
27. Stainless Steel Utility Scissors 19cm 1 rolls
28. Surgical 3 ply Face Mask 4 rolls
29. Usage Guide 1 rolls
30. Basic Life Support Card 1 sets
31. First Aid Manual Booklet 1 rolls
32. Content Listing 1 pcs

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