MICROCHEM® 3000, Model 132

MICROCHEM® 3000, Model 132
MICROCHEM® 3000, Model 132
Brand: Microgard
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Technical Data Sheet

Product Description & Features CE Category
Coverall with elasticated 2-piece hood and single zip.
Elasticated cuffs, waist and ankles. Finger loops attached to wrist. Cat III

Whole Suit “TYPE” Test Results*
Test Method Description Result
EN ISO 17491-3 Type 3 Jet Spray Test Pass
EN ISO 17491-4 (Method B) Type 4 High Level Spray Test Pass
EN ISO 13982-2 Type 5 Particulate inward leakage IL82/90 ≤ 30 %
TILS8/10 ≤ 15 %
EN 1073-2 Barrier to Radioactive particulates Class 1 of 3
EN ISO 13935-2 Seam Strength Class 4 of 6
* Test performed with wrists, cuffs, ankles and hood taped to ancillary PPE.

CE Approvals
EN 14605: 2005 +A1:2009 Type 3 (Limited life, full body protection with liquid tight connections)
EN 14605: 2005 +A1:2009 Type 4 (Limited life, full body protection with spray tight connections)
EN ISO 13982-1: 2004
Type 5 (Limited life, full body protection against airborne solid
EN1073-2: 2002 (Non-ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive
contamination) performance classification of TIL Class 1
EN14126: 2003 Types 3-B, 4-B, 5-B
(Limited life, full body protective clothing against infective agents)
EN1149-5: 2008 for protective clothing with electrostatic dissipative properties"
Ultrasonically Welded Seams
Provides a strong liquid and particle barrier

Safety Note: All chemical tests and breakthrough times given relate to laboratory tests on fabrics only. Seams and closures may
have lower breakthrough times, particularly when worn or damaged. It is the user’s responsibility to select an appropriate
garment, gloves, boots and other equipment for the particular use. The user shall be responsible for determining how long the
garment can be worn for the particular use and whether it can be suitably cleaned for re-use. Microgard Limited does not give
any warranties or make any representations about its garments other than those contained in the official literature supplied by
Microgard Limited with each garment.
MICROCHEM® 3000, Model 132
Part Number: YE30-W-00-132
Fabric: MICROCHEM® 3000
Seam Type: Ultrasonically welded

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